Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Beginning.

Hello there to anyone who has stumbled across this here thing. Welcome! Thanks so much for stopping by! My name is Maggie. After having devoured (pardon the pun) food blogs for almost three years, I decided it was finally time to hop on the bandwagon. With my blog, I'm hoping to create a place where I can reflect upon the ins and outs of my life -- a diary of sorts. Since I am someone who loves to eat and to cook, I anticipate that a large part of this blog will be food-related. But some of it won't. In some posts, you may find lists of things I love, photos, stories about my days, or other random musings from this somewhat-scattered-and-desperately-in-need-of-a-creative-outlet brain. The public nature of blogs is somewhat terrifying to me, a natural introvert -- but I think the value of gaining others' perspectives, opinions, stories, and hopefully friendship will make this a rewarding and just plain fun experience.

Who am I? I'm a 21-year-old who often feels more akin to elderly women than "kids these days" (Example A: I love going to bed early and getting up at the butt-crack of dawn. Example B: I love tea. Milk and sugar, please. Example C: More often than not, I can be found with a library book in my purse.). While I have accepted the fact that I will never be a naturally social, effervescent, bar-hopping, "typical" 21-year-old, I'm still trying to enjoy my youth as thoroughly as possible.

Some things I love: lists, Diet Coke, reading cookbooks before bed, any show on Bravo, libraries, cooking, singing obnoxiously loudly in cars with windows rolled down (no shame), using parentheses, eating, coffee, Target, anything British, riding my moped, fall, Mumford & Sons (I'm straight up obsessed), traveling, kids, and using hashtags like it's my job despite not using twitter (#cantstopwontstop).

Again, thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon!

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