Thursday, June 16, 2011


When I obsess, I obsess hard. The primary way the strength of any given obsession manifests itself is by the duration of time. For example, I listen to the same music for months on end. I daydream about one specific memory weeks after the fact. I wear the same pair of shoes or pants day after day after day. And yet, sometimes, there are things that I am undeniably obsessed with -- but which hold my attention just for the briefest period of time. I love something to pieces for just a few days, sometimes a few weeks, and then inexplicably, and for no apparent reason, my obsession peters out. Sometimes I feel sad when this happens, and I try to force my passion for something to linger. I've learned that this never ever works -- in fact, it tends to backfire and I begin to despise whatever it is I'm trying to make myself love. An interesting conundrum, and one I'm glad I'm aware of. This way, I maximize my obsession while it lasts. It's a finely honed system, clearly.

What am I obsessing over now?

Mumford & Sons
I can't even begin to describe how I feel about these amazing men. Suffice it to say that I've been listening to them non-stop for six months, and they have honestly changed my life. By some glorious stroke of luck, I was able to see them live a week ago. I stood in the pit maybe 15 feet away from the band. They were some of the most wonderful hours of my life. While M&S's music is at the core of my obsession, the fact that they're all a) sexy as hell and b) have delicious, drool-worthy accents certainly plays a large part. Marcus Mumford....swoon.

This one is totally random. I've never, ever, ever been into tattoos. I like them on some people, but never have considered one for myself. But lately, they're all I can think about. I would love
a small one on my wrist, but I think I ought to wait a while to make sure I feel as strongly about it as I do now. Who am I?

Wavy Hair
Just got a great haircut and it really brings out my natural waves. I'm a put-up-in-a-bun/ponytail type gal all the way, but I can't stop wearing it wavy recently.

White V-Neck Mens T-Shirts
Wasn't it Shania Twain who said wearing men's shirts was one of the best parts of being a woman? I have to say, I agree. However, in my case, mine come from Target rather than from an actual man.....

The most comfortable shoes ever, and so dang cute. Caveat: they get mad stanky.

For some reason, it's all I want to eat lately. Mexican blend in omelets....cheddar on its own or with crackers in the afternoon....parmesan in salads.....I don't discriminate.

Chocolate Milk in Coffee
This came about due to a very happy accident involving no plain milk in the house and a desperate need for caffeine at 6:30am.

There you have it! Things I love right now. I'm glad I have a record of this so that one day I can look back on this post and see what stuck and what didn't. Only time will tell!

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